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LifeStone Christmas Party

February 2, 2024
In December, Lifestone Ministries celebrated their annual company Christmas party. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and…

Deaf Missions – Jesus movie

February 2, 2024
Deaf Missions is a 50 year old ministry that focuses on reaching the Deaf community with the good news of Jesus Christ. Their…

Gift of Grace Aid

January 22, 2024
Lifestone Ministries has partnered with Gift of Grace Aid in Columbus, Ohio to help bring aid to Ukraine. Items like new clothing,…

Missions Trip to Uganda

January 8, 2024
Lifestone Ministries took our third trip to Kampala, Uganda to meet with Emet Mission Ministries. To help their spiritual needs,…

Norma Herr Women’s Shelter

January 5, 2024
Through generous donations and strategic partnerships, Lifestone Ministries and Grace Baptist Church Woman’s Ministry is providing…

Living Waters Outreach Ministry

January 2, 2024
Small Appliances, houseware, new clothing, baby items and much more to Lifestone Ministries has partnered with Living Waters…

Operation Christmas Child

December 12, 2023
We are thrilled to have a part in Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child! We pray that these boxes will be a blessing to…

Donating To The Food Bank

December 1, 2023
We're glad to be able to give to our local food bank this holiday season and hope it will be a blessing to those in need!

The International Peace Light

December 1, 2023
We are excited to be an official host of the International Peace Light of Bethlehem! The Peace Light is a continuous flame…

Missions Trip to Uganda

November 12, 2023
Lifestone Ministries is thrilled to partner with Emet Mission Ministries in Uganda! Justin is serving Christ by being the boots on…

LifeStone Ministries Company Picnic

August 12, 2023
We recently enjoyed a great time at our annual company picnic at the Vinedresser Property! After a wonderful message from our…

LifeStone Ministries Homeschool Convention

August 1, 2023
Lifestone Ministries has been busy going to homeschool conventions all around the country. Your children’s biblical education has…