Missionary Efforts


Explore our missions and join hands in supporting initiatives that spread hope and faith and foster connections to Christ throughout the world. Your contribution can change the lives of many individuals.

Missions We Operate

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LifeStone Evangelistic team is involved in a mission in Kampala, Uganda. Their dedication goes beyond just spreading God’s word; they’re actively changing lives through outreach and creating sanctuaries of worship. Your support can amplify their impact, bringing hope and divine love to even more souls in Uganda.

Missions We Support

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Youth for Christ

Juvenile Justice Ministries is transforming young lives. By forging genuine Christ-centered connections, they journey with probationary youth from inside the detention facility straight to their communities. They are currently making an impact in five detention centers throughout Ohio by giving teens a resource to feel seen, heard, and valued.

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Chaplin Ron Jackson and ministers from godlovesukraine.com provided support for our brothers and sisters in Christ through in-person meetings and provisions, care packages, and gospel materials.

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Living Waters Outreach Ministry

Living Waters Ministries offers practical help coupled with the Gospel in Ashland, Ohio.  Operating out of a former elementary school they are making a huge impact for the Kingdom of God.  On any given day you will find volunteers sorting donations,  counseling individuals, praying for those in need and fellowshipping in Gods Word.

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Gift of Grace Aid

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Gift of Grace Aid is giving clothing, first aid supplies, and bible materials to those directly impacted by the Russia/Ukraine war. These materials, coupled with gospel from local believers enable those impacted to recover from the war and forge a closer connection with Christ.

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Norma Herr Woman’s Shelter

Norma Herr Woman’s Shelter is in need of clothing for the women at the shelter. LifeStone Ministries and Grace Baptist Church Woman’s Ministry has come together to provide these physical assets for the shelter as well as visit monthly to pray and counsel the women.

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Aid to India

This mission focuses on outreach to those in the poorest areas of India. Lifestone partners are involved in preaching and teaching at different encampments and also feeds those in need. Lifestone Partners and additional Christian leaders help protect the church in India from violence and attack.

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Refuge of Hope

The Refuge of Hope, started by Pastor Juan and Sandra Alegre, is working to establish a safe living environment for orphans in Peru. Once built, the Refuge will provide the children with therapy to heal them, warmth of family, and teachings about the love of Jesus Christ. Help us transform lives and give these children a brighter future.

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Calvary Institute

Led by Lisa Collins, this mission stems from the legacy of Calvary Chapel—a non-denominational Christian movement born in 1961 in Costa Mesa, California. Today, with a family of over 1,700 churches globally, they’re steadfast in their commitment. Their primary goal? To offer students eager to deepen their bond with the Lord a sanctuary for growth and spiritual empowerment.

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Deaf Missions

Deaf Missions maximizes impact on deaf people through their language, culture and identity. Through use of videos, community building, and leadership training, this program delivers the Gospel of Jesus to millions of deaf people. In their own language, this people group can encounter Jesus and develop their life’s meaning and purpose.