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Ignite a lifelong passion for Jesus in your children with the Illuminate Bible Series. Our program guides both you and your children to become disciples and disciple makers through deep, meaningful study and real life application.

About the Illuminate Bible Series

Are you discipling your children to be followers of Jesus? So often, children are told Bible stories, but they are not taught how to seek, know, and follow Jesus as their Savior. Your children’s relationship with Christ must be priority! LifeStone Ministries has the Bible curriculum you need to guide your children into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Give your children the tools to grow in their knowledge and love for the Lord! Ready to illuminate your child’s relationship with Jesus?

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The Perfect Curriculum for

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1st - 6th Graders

Is your child in 1st through 6th grade? Discover the Illuminate Bible Series, a perfect curriculum for this age group, offering an easy-to-use guide book and engaging workbooks! Each year focuses on an essential attribute of God, using the stories of Scripture to place Him at the center of all things while consistently highlighting the work of Jesus.

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7th - 12 Graders

Are you looking to deepen your teen’s understanding of the Bible’s message and further their curiosity? The Illuminate Bible Series is a curriculum designed for teens in 7th through 12th grade, featuring an easy-to-follow guide book and an engaging workbook. Through this curriculum, they will explore the messages within the Bible and the active workings of God’s glorious kingdom.


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I liked the product so much, I purchased a video series to go along with the curriculum. My children watch these videos while I prepare dinner. The whole time, my son is glued to the screen, taking in all the info! It’s a great way for the children to hear the gospel and learn about the Bible.

Rebecca Devitt

Owner of

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My daughter, also my oldest child, has thoroughly enjoyed it [Illuminate Bible Series]! It is the first ‘subject’ she completes every day in her homeschool. She has learned so much, and is very diligent and independent. The projects are also very fun, and further enhance her learning.

Denise Braswell

Homeschool Mom

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Last year I purchased the Our Faithful God curriculum for my family. We absolutely LOVE it and it has been the perfect Bible study for us! I am planning on purchasing another volume this year. I hope that these studies find their way into more homes.

Gina Lacy

Homeschool Mom

Illuminate Video Bible Series

The Illuminate Bible Series offers a one-year subscription to 160 video lessons for elementary students, complementing the Discovery Guide for both Volume 1 and Volume 2. These engaging five-minute videos are ideal for 1st to 6th graders. Ultimately, the series will offer six year-long studies per age group, providing twelve years of comprehensive homeschool Bible curriculum to help children grow in faith from first grade to graduation.

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Scope & Sequence

Discover the topics your children will learn about from 1st through 12th grade.

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How To Resources

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About Illuminate

Gain a better understanding of the Illuminate Bible Series.

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1st - 6th Grade

View samples of our Guide Books and Workbooks for your 1st-6th graders!

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7th - 12th Grade

View samples of our Guide Books and Workbooks for your 7th-12th graders!

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Product Catalog

Product Catalog

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Ready to Illuminate Your Child’s Relationship with Jesus?

The Illuminate Bible Series – the perfect curriculum to deepen children’s connection with Jesus. Inspire your child with lessons that last a lifetime.