Transform your church and community with Amplify Christ, a discipleship tool designed specifically for churches, ministries, and small groups. This tool not only strengthens individual connections with Christ but also inspires each person to foster discipleship. Are you prepared for this transformative journey?

Engage, Understand, and Apply

This new publication—Amplify Christ, as we call it—has a number of unique features to guide you in your study of the Bible and keep you engaged. From a timeline of important dates to a map to questions to consider, Amplify Christ will foster deeper understanding of the Bible and will help you apply its teachings.

Important date timeline discipleship tool.
Timeline icon.

Timeline of Important Dates

Understand the sequence of important events and the timing in which they occurred.

Read and take note guide discipleship tool.
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“Read and Take Note” Guide

A guide to the key information to pay attention to and make note of.

Find it and follow along discipleship tool.
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“Find It” and Follow Along

A note of the passages being referenced so you can “find it” in the Bible and follow along!

Setting the scene  discipleship tool.
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the Scene

Dive into the stories with key details of the story such as who, what, when, where, why, how, and spiritual formation.

Map of location  discipleship tool.
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of Location

Know the geographic landscape of the region being discussed, fostering a deeper understanding of the setting.

Questions to consider and think about  discipleship tool.
Questions icon.

“Questions to Consider” and Think About

Dispersed throughout, the “Questions to Consider” will keep you engaged and help you apply the information.

Five Key Elements

Disciples should have an intense thirst and hunger for God’s Word, but modern-day disciples, however, sometimes get discouraged about reading the Bible because of its antiquity and foreign culture. Sometimes they get so enthralled by the Bible’s antiquity and alien culture that they fail to apply its teaching. Modern-day disciples may segment a familiar verse from its context and fail to understand its intended meaning, and sometimes they fail to integrate Scripture into theology. For all these reasons, our new discipleship tool emphasizes five key elements for Scripture study.

Number one in green background icon.

Amplify the Background

Because the Bible was written long ago in a culture different from ours, we investigate rigorously to ridge the gap separating us moderns from the biblical writers. We present all the necessary background information so our readers can understand the biblical passage.

Number two in green background icon.

Amplify the Text

One of the legacy features of our publications is the exposition of the text. We focus on the original author’s intended message to his original audience, addressing the question, What was the author conveying to them back then? We hone in on the verse-by-verse details to explain the passage’s big picture.

Number three in green background icon.

Amplify the Context

Many Christians see Scripture as piecemeal. We want disciples to see how individual stories and texts are connected to the whole biblical story. We read the text as sentences within a paragraph and paragraphs within a larger text unit. This is basic exegesis. But our readers should also understand how the entirety of a book fits into the whole of Scripture and the larger biblical history. We write to show how each text interconnects to form a majestic and awe-inspiring picture of God’s plan.

Number four in green background icon.

Amplify the Faith

Christians need to allow Scripture to inform their thinking and basic Christian doctrine. We believe that God inspired His Word and that we should accept it as the rule of our lives as we seek to follow the Spirit’s guidance. To this end, we spell out how the biblical text informs Bible doctrines and how we should think.

Number five in green background icon.

Amplify Your Life

Our goal is not to create a bunch of smart, brainiac Christians. Yes, we want Christians to be competent readers of the Bible, but this is not enough. We do everything we can to help disciples apply the text to their lives so that they grow in Christ’s likeness. We think deeply about the text, explicitly seeking ways to articulate the principles of the ancient text to us today and to the specific individual. We are most urgent about the Christian formation of Christ-followers.

Green testimonial quote.

I was pleased to review the Amplify Christ curriculum and loved what I saw! Things that stood out to me:

  • Love the Who, What, When, Where, Why at the beginning of each lesson. It gives a concise view of what the lesson will cover.
  • I really like the Background section—that is extremely important to understanding the text and this was particularly well done.
  • The exposition of the scripture not only taught the text but gave thoughtful questions and other scriptures to consider as you looked at that particular text.
  • I loved that there was thoughtful application to assist the learners in how this scripture could help them in their lives in several places throughout the lesson and — the Discussion Questions helped facilitate that as well.

This adult curriculum is sound and provides the member and leader with maps, many other scriptures to do deeper study and yet was easy to read and follow.

Pam Damas

Curriculum Director & Small Group Leader, The Chapel Medina

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