1st – 6th Grade


It is never too early to start discipling your students. The Holy Spirit can grow the seeds you plant today years down the line. Illuminate for 1st to 6th grade gives you the tools you need to create a sustainable habit of meeting with the Lord together with your students.

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1st-6th Grade Guide Book

Teach any student in 1st through 6th grade from just this Guide Book! Encourage your student in their walk with the Lord by studying the weekly passage using our five discipleship steps.

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Check out the main passage for the week. What happened? Why does it matter?

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Dive into the biblical, geographical, and cultural context for the main passage.

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Examine how the main passage interacts with the rest of Scripture and how it fits into God’s big plan of redemption.

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Learn about the relevant theological doctrine for the week.

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Determine how to live differently in light of what you learned that week.

1st – 6th Grade Workbooks

Children in 1st grade are developmentally at a very different spot from 6th graders, so we’ve provided three different workbooks to suit your students’ needs at each stage.

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1st-2nd Grade Workbook

Start off the week with a Bible story geared toward your students’ level, and then keep the conversation going with discussion questions and application activities throughout the week.

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3rd-4th Grade Workbook

Dig deeper into each day’s lesson with questions that test comprehension and encourage your students to apply what they learn to their lives.

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5th-6th Grade Workbook

Help your preteens think critically about Scripture and what it means for their lives. Challenging questions help them consider how God is involved in their lives right now.

Video Companion

If you’d like to kick your students’ engagement up a notch, Illuminate Bible Series offers a one-year subscription to 160 video lessons, complimenting the 1st-6th Grade Guide Book for volumes 1 through 3. The stunning visuals, helpful object lessons, and clear teaching will help you stoke your students’ desire for the Lord.

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Scope & Sequence

Discover the topics your children will learn about from 1st through 12th grade.

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How To Resources

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About Illuminate

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7th - 12th Grade

View samples of our Guide Books and Workbooks for your 7th-12th graders!

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Product Catalog

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The Illuminate Bible Series – the perfect curriculum to deepen students’ connection with Jesus. Inspire your child with lessons that last a lifetime.

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