Get a firsthand look at the enriching content and vibrant visuals that make the Illuminate Bible Series a transformative resource. With materials available across all six volumes, our preview lets you experience the curriculum’s depth and design. Discover how the Illuminate Bible Series can strengthen your student’s connection with God.

Elementary Grades

1st-6th Grade Guide Book

The 1st-6th Grade Guide Book is a multi-grade teaching manual for 1st to 6th graders, offering a 32-week deep dive into Bible stories and their applications.

Teaching Manual

32 Week Plan

Bible Centric

1st-2nd Grade Workbook

Enhance your student’s understanding of faith and connection to God with this enriching workbook. Packed with weekly stories, engaging discussions, Scripture memory challenges, and fun activities, it’s a powerful tool to keep students engaged when learning about God’s truth!

3rd-4th Grade Workbook

Better your 3rd and 4th graders’ faith with our workbook. This workbook offers heart-focused queries, color-coded questions, hands-on crafts, and life-ready lessons. Engage your students in meaningful learning about God’s grace and glory.

5th-6th Grade Workbook

As your 5th and 6th graders’ curiosity grows, our workbook offers age-specific questions and activities centered on God’s grace and glory. Effectively challenge and engage your students.

Video Lessons for Our

1st – 6th Grade Guide Book

Elevate your school’s spiritual education with the Illuminate Bible Series, featuring a one-year subscription to 160 tailored videos for 1st to 6th graders. This perfectly complements our Discovery Guide for a well-rounded Bible curriculum. Transform your students’ faith journey through immersive, interactive learning!

Upper Grades

7th-12th Grade Guide Book

Transform your Christian school’s Bible curriculum with our guide book, ideal for 7th to 12th graders. This all-in-one resource delivers a two-semester exploration of foundational Bible stories and their wider context.

Browse our sample to discover how our Bible curriculum can transform your classroom!

7th-12th Grade Workbook

A perfect pairing with our guide book, the workbook provides questions and activities that deepen understanding and inspire spiritual growth.

Biblical Insights

World Application

Connection To Scripture

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The Illuminate Bible Series – the perfect curriculum to deepen students’ connection with Jesus. Inspire your child with lessons that last a lifetime.